Fitting Dash Cam in Mondeo Mk3

Dash Cam is hard wired to the fuse panel behind the glove box without removing panels or cutting the wiring loom. The only visible wire is behind the mirror to supply power to Dash Cam.

Parts Required
Dash Cam, memory card(if not supplied), fuse tap & fuse, cigar/accessory socket & electrical wire, 
thin garden wire, strimmer cord, insulation tape, soldering iron & solder, pliers, torch.

Remove glove box (remember to disconnect damper rod) to access the fuse board.

Bend the end of the garden wire(Fig01).
Shine a torch downwards by windscreen A-frame above the glove box and look inside the glove box compartment. 
The light will show you where the gap is for the Dash Cam power lead to pass down into the fuse panel (Fig02).
From inside the fuse area poke and wriggle the bent wire up towards the light until it shows by the windscreen. 
Now make the bend into a loop so you can pull it back through easily (Fig03).
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Tie the strimmer cord to the wire loop(Fig04) and pull it back through into the fuse area.(Fig05)
I used strimmer cord rather than just wire so I didn't damage the panelling around the dash area.
The strimmer cord was also twice as long as necessary and the usb power cable was tied to middle 
of it and taped so there was no sharp edges to catch. This allowed me to pull the power cable back & forth
until it came through easily and once again causing no damage.
I found the usb plug got caught between the A-frame and windscreen(Fig06) but by moving the strimmer cord
close to the windscreen and pulling it along to the right close to the base of the windscreen there was no
resistance and the plug slipped through easily(Fig07). 
Now pull enough power cable through and hide it behind the A-frame & roof panel.
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I routed the power cable down behind the large cross bar that supports the air bag.(Fig08)
I fitted the fuse tap in the F92 fuse slot(Trailer)(Fig09). This is spare on my car and is only live with ignition on.
The earth was fitted to a bolt on the R/H side. It had spare thread & only required a nut & washer on the end.(Fig10)
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(Fig11) Shows the finished layout of the wiring.  The fuse tap lead was extended before soldering it to the central
tab in the accessory socket. This keeps it out of the way for changing fuses.
The earth wire is soldered to the side tab of the accessory socket.
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(Fig12) Shows all the component and how they connect together
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COMPONENTS, PARTS, PRICES & where I obtained them.

4 Mega-Pixel Car Recorder, MAISI® Full HD Color Car Black Box Dashboard Camcorder, £64.99  with free delivery 

Samsung Memory 64 GB EVO MicroSDXC UHS-I Grade 1 Class, £12.90  with free delivery 

Fuse Tap Mini Blade Fuse Holder, £2.35  with free delivery 

Female In-Line Socket Plug,£2.75  with free delivery