Kayak Modification, Trollies & Loader

RTM Disc Scupper Valves
Venture Easky Day Hatch
Venture Easky Bilge Pump
Venture Easky Trolly {rear fitting}
Venture Easky Trolly {centre fitting}
Venture Easky Trolly Modified for RTM Disco
Kayak Loader for Car

RTM Disco Scupper Valves

When I first used the kayak on fresh water I got a wet backside before starting to paddle so I made rubber bungs.
This didn't solve the problem as water running of the paddle built up after an hour or so.(wet backside again)
The Scupper valves stop water entering when first getting in and allow the drains to remove any water from the paddle.
They don't drain fast enough when on the sea.
The grey hose valves I used were exactly the right length but some black ones were to long.
Build the silicone up in thin layers and push it into the kayak drain and wait for each layer to set before removing.
Press a piece of foam rubber into the top of the valve & a piece of hose into the bottom to stop silicone entering.
I found that with a bit of wobbling they come out without sticking to the kayak plastic.

     Standard garden hose valve               Bend/force tabs out                 Remove outer sleeve

Prise Spring of & nylon clips drop out            Cut end off                Cut slots to get better draining

 Build up layers of silicone sealer             Cut silicone slot                 Fit into scupper holes

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Venture Easky 15 Day Hatch


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Fitting Electric Bilge Pump To My Kayak

Internal detail behind seat (pump base is glued to deck) &  layout on deck behind cockpit

Home made holder for magnet (controls reed switch inside the cockpit)

Reed switch encased in epoxy & Sevylor inflatable kayak "Boston Valve" for outlet none-return valve

Water tight box behind rear bulkhead for 12volt battery. 
A strap with QD connector fitted to 2 brackets glued to hull holds the battery box in place.
Shaped foam to hold battery, relay & fuse & stop them getting damaged.

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Venture Easky 15 Trolly to support rear of Kayak

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Venture Easky 15 Trolly (Central)

36mm/32mm MUPVC & Fittings
PVC Pipe Weld
Fibregalss & Polyester Resin

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Modification to use as RTM Disco Trolly (Central) 3 wingnuts to fit mod

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Kayak Loader

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